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Doug Oman is on the faculty of the School of Public Health of the University of California, Berkeley. His research and professional publications involve theoretical, observational and experimental studies of spirituality, religion and health, including epidemiologic studies of religious involvement and mortality, the application of social cognitive theory to religion and spirituality, and studies of effects on health professionals from receiving training in a comprehensive nonsectarian spiritual toolkit. Dr. Oman obtained his doctorate in Biostatistics from U.C. Berkeley, where he subsequently undertook postdoctoral work studying relationships between spirituality, religion and health. He was principal investigator on a grant from the National Institute of Aging to examine the positive effects of volunteer work on physical health, and is currently principal investigator on a grant from Fetzer Institute to conduct a randomized wait-list controlled study of a nonsectarian spiritual toolkit usable for integrating spirituality into patient care and the training of health professionals. He has advised faith-based healthcare organizations and made presentations at medical education conferences regarding how to integrate spirituality into health promotion and healthcare. Dr. Oman also serves as lecturer and research advisor in the Division of Maternal and Child Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.