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Varadaraja V. Raman received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in physics and mathematics from the University of Calcutta before doing his doctoral work on the foundations of quantum mechanics at the Université de Paris where he worked under Louis de Broglie. He has taught in a number of institutions, including the Saha Institute for Nuclear Physics in Calcutta, the Université d'Alger in Algiers and the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, from where, after serving as professor of physics and humanities, he has retired as Emeritus Professor. He was associated with the UNESCO as an educational expert. Dr. Raman has also devoted several years to the study and elucidation of Hindu culture and religion. He is an associate editor in the eighteen-volume Encyclopedia of Hinduism Project. Dr. Raman has authored scores of papers on the historical, social, and philosophical aspects of physics/science, as well as on India's heritage, and has authored eight books including Scientific Perspectives, Glimpses of Ancient Science and Scientists, Nuggets from the Gita, and Varieties of Science History. Dr. Raman serves on the board of the Metanexus Institute and is a regular contributor to its online magazine.