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Ingolf Schmid-Tannwald
Fertilisation: The Unification of the Immaterial Interpersonal (Social) Reality and the Biological Reality Constituting Personhood in Human Beings


Biological processes in mammals represented by the current model of reproduction bring into existence incarnate organisms. These processes are triggered by interactions of heterosexual partners within their lived-in worlds in real time. The tacit assumption, that the quality of the lived-in worlds of humans and other mammals are as similar as the biological processes are, turned out to be erroneous and is still distorting our scientific model of man.

As a matter of fact, today the lived-in world of humans is regarded as an interpersonally (socially) constructed reality differing decisively from the species-specific lived-in worlds of other mammals predominantly ruled by biological principles.

Therefore, the coming into existence of incarnate human beings and their essence is to be described by the model of human’s everyday life and secondly by the current model of reproduction in mammals. Then fertilisation is a basic social event constituting humans as twofold realities. From then on, the biologically produced organism will continually represent particular parts of the parental micro- and macro- social reality as the unique immaterial characteristics of the descendant.

Prof. Dr. med. Ingolf Schmid-Tannwald is a Professor inthe Faculty of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Theoretical Medicine and Family Plannin at the Ludwig Maximilians University of München, Germany.  Born in 1944, Schmid-Tannwald attended Medical School at Erlangen, Germany and Graz, Austria in 1970.  He earned his MD in 1978 from Ludwig- Maximilians-Universität München.


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