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Interpreting Evolution
Evolution can also be understood as a mythic narrative, a spectacular story of origins, which needs to be interpreted and integrated into our religious consciousness. This is the challenge that brings us together for rigorous interdisciplinary and inter-religious dialogue. The conference was part of a program to promote the teaching of course on science and religion at colleges, universities, hospitals, and seminaries worldwide.There is no website for this conference.


Genetics, Bioethics, and Evolution
The sciences and technologies of genetics are revolutionizing our understanding of nature, including our own human nature. We are literally and figuratively reinventing nature and ourselves, as science and culture embark upon a new Lamarkian phase in evolution. The genetic engineering of our agriculture, other species and ourselves raises profound scientific, medical, ethical, legal, psychological, pastoral, religious, and metaphysical questions. In light of this genetic revolution, we will wonder about this new intensification of human creativity and power in conversation with different religious traditions. There is no website for this conference.


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