Institute of Science and Religion

Little Flower Seminary
Aluva, Kerala

Institute of Science and Religion (ISR) is an interdisciplinary entity of scientists, philosophers and theologians, based in Little Flower Seminary, Aluva, Kerala, India committed to the cause of the constructive dialogue between science and religion. Non-sectarian and multi-religious in its approach, ISR stands for a value-based integration of the religious, philosophical, ethical and societal implications of the revolutionary developments in modern science into the diverse strata of human life, both at the academic and popular levels. The activities of ISR include: Publication of Omega - Indian Journal of Science and Religion; publication of original research in science and religion, philosophy of science, etc. in English as well as our local dialect, Malayalam; Translation of outstanding literature in English on related topics into Malayalam; Popularisation of the Science-Religion dialogue through seminars, colloquia, discussion forums, essay competitions, exhibitions, etc; Providing faculty and pedagogical resources on philosophy of science and science and Religion to centers of learning; Collaboration with scientists, philosophers and theologians who share a commonality of vision. Launched one year prior to application, this society joins scholars, students and others related informally to the institute to “foster the concrete and constructive dialogue between science and religion, especially in the regional language of Malayalam”. Many of the public events are telecast on regional and national television. The Institute also sponsors a public library which is open for use by area scholars, seminarians and students, with available texts listed and updated on their website. Society members are active in promoting the integration of science-religion courses into area seminaries, and the popularization of the dialogue within the broader educational community through lecture series, essay competitions and other programs.

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