Barry Graham Ritchie

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Much of the attention garnered by transhumanism revolves around its most expansive hopes for the technological enhancement of human life, and no such hope is loftier than immortality.

Barry Graham Ritchie is Professor of Physics in the Department of Physics at Arizona State University. He has previously served as Interim Vice President and Dean of the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at ASU, and as Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at ASU.

He has been with ASU since 1984, being promoted to Professor of Physics in 1996. After receiving a bachelorメs degree in physics from Appalachian State University, he earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in nuclear physics from the University of South Carolina, and served as a postdoctoral research associate at both the University of South Carolina and the University of Maryland.

A member of the American Physical Society with over 140 refereed publications, his research specialty is in experimental nuclear and particle physics. Having served on technical advisory panels at Los Alamos National Laboratory and at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab), his research group studies the structure of the protons and neutrons that make up atomic nuclei through experiments at international particle accelerator facilities. The work has been continuously supported by the National Science Foundation since 1985. His interests also include the intersection of science and religion, and he and his colleagues at ASU have received funding from the Templeton Foundation to study the issues raised by the enhancement of human capabilities through genetic and nano- technologies.

He is active in his congregation at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Mesa, Arizona, teaching New Testament and adult faith formation classes.

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