Ciriaca Morano

Ciriaca Morano has been Academic Director of LSI Pedro Poveda Chair at Pontifical University of Salamanca since 2004. She studied Humanities at GranadaUniversity and Postgraduate University Studies in Theology at ComillasPontificalUniversity. In 1976, she obtained the Doctor title in Classical Philology from ComplutenseUniversity.  She is Senior Scientific Researcher Fellow and Department Director of Classical Philology of Humanities Center at Spanish High Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). She is also Professor of Complutense University.

She has focused her research on questions related to science and religion [critical editions and the study of biblical texts (Early Christianity), and unedited theological writings of Isaac Newton]. She has been Principal Researcher in the projects: Critical edition of unpublished Latin texts of Isaac Newton (1996-2007), CSIC; Researcher responsible of: Latin area on the project Critical Edition of Biblical and Parabiblical Texts since 1984 - CSIC and Editing of Vetus Latina Institut, die Reste der Altlateinischen Bibel (1989-1998), Beuron, Germany, and Researcher: Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (1981-1982 Germany) and Latin area of Newton Project of Imperial College since 2004 – London.  She has published 11 books, 32 articles; is Member of Editorial Boards: Emerita, Nueva Roma Collection, Newton Project and Pedro Poveda Chair Collection.

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