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How to promote open minded and informed discussion concerning the ‘science and religion debate’ into schools around the world? An introduction by Martin Rogers to the UK initiative which does just that.
The aim of the Science and Religion in Schools Project, which is "to encourage open minded and informed debate on the claims of science and those of the major world religions," is to bring the “Science and Religion” debate into schools.
What is in the guide? An overview of resources for teachers tackling science and religion in schools.
The question of how to relate scientific and religious beliefs is both topical and important. It is also fascinating, to teachers and their pupils alike, because there is no single answer.

Martin Rogers is the recently retired Director of the Farmington Institute for Christian Studies at Harris Manchester College, Oxford University, where he was an Associate Fellow. At the Farmington Institute he developed, for Religious Education teachers, the Farmington Fellowships, the Farmington Millennium Awards and the Farmington Institute Special Needs Millennium Awards. He studied at Heidelberg and Cambridge (Natural Sciences and History). After a short spell in industry he taught chemistry at Westminster School before becoming Headmaster of Malvern College (1971) and Chief Master of King Edward's School Birmingham (1982). He was Chairman of the Headmasters Conference in 1987. He was seconded as a Nuffield Research Fellow to the Nuffield Chemistry Project from 1962 to 1964 and as Salter's Company Schoolmaster Fellow at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College, London in 1969. Among his publications are: John Dalton and the Atomic Theory (1965), Chemistry and Energy (1968), Chemistry: facts, patterns and principles (1972) (co-author) and Francis Bacon and the Birth of Modern Science (1976). He edited the Nuffield O-Level Sample Scheme, (1965), the Foreground Chemistry Series (1968) and the Farmington Papers from 1993 to 2001.

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