Roy Clouser

Published Articles

There can be no discursive justification for the belief that any particular kind of entities can be independent of all other kinds.
It is by the theories of philosophy and the sciences that we probe the deeper nature of, and construct explanations of, all that we experience. No such theory can fail to be regulated and guided by some religious belief or other.
Explicit or not, ontologies play a decisive role in the interpretation of any scientific theory.

Roy Clouser is professor of philosophy and religion (Emeritus) at the College of New Jersey.  He holds a BA from Gordon College, a BD from Reformed Episcopal Seminary, and an MA and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.  Along the way to the PhD, he studied with Paul Tillich at Harvard Graduate School and with Herman Dooyeweerd at the Free University of Amsterdam.  In 1997, he won one of the Templeton Awards for his course in science and religion.  He is the author of The Myth of Religious Neutrality (University of Notre Dame Press, revised 2005), Knowing with the Heart (IVP, 1999), and numerous articles.

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