Stephan Schaede

Published Articles

The separation of philosophy and science has sunk philosophy into self-created oblivion.

Stephan Schaede is currently working on his post-doctoral thesis, DerMensch vor Gott am Anfang und am Ende seines Lebens, in which he leads an interdisciplinary dialogue between the natural sciences (biology, medicine) and Christian belief. Schaede studied theology and philosophy in Tbingen, Rome and Gttingen.From 1991 to 1998, he was research assistant at Prof. Juengel's chair in Tbingen. From 1999 to 2004, he worked as a vicar and pastor in Northern Germany. He received his doctorate in 2002 with a dissertation on Stellvertretung - Begriffsgeschichtliche Studien zur Soteriologie (Tbingen 2004). Schaede's areas of expertise are anthropology with a focus on questions concerned with the borders between theology, philosophy and biology; theology and law; eschatology; and soteriology.

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