Herbaceous stem cross section, brightfield microscopy
Lauren Piedmont

Everywhere you look, there is a hidden world that is unseen to the naked eye. Each plant, animal, speck of dust has its own story to tell. Through my photography, I aim to be the bridge between these microscopic worlds and the humans they coexist with. Often we overlook the smallest parts of life, taking for granted the technology, mechanism, or evolution that went into making these objects what they are today. My goal is to present these objects in ways they have never been seen before. Through bright colors, enlargement, and a few other modern marvels, I feel as though I can shed a new light on these hidden worlds and, in time, create a deeper appreciation and attention to detail among those who view my work.

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Microscopic soap bubblies, DIC microscopy
Photo ink on paper, reflected light microscopy
Ink on paper, reflected light microscopy
Aged candida balsam resin, darkfield microscopy
Chemical melt, polarized light microscopy
Melt 2
Chemical melt, polarized light microscopy
Pine stem cross section, fluorescence microscopy
Ink 2
Ink on paper, reflected light microscopy

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