Nimbus D'Aspremont

Berndnaut Smilde

My work consists of installations, sculptures, and photos. I use my daily surroundings and spaces as motives to explore the moment of friction between construction and deconstruction—whether it be in the physical state of a building or the moment of revelation that depicts hope or impermanence. I analyze spaces—their appearance and structure—and deconstruct them to work with their details. I often choose locations that deal with duality and question inside and outside, temporality, size, the function of materials, and architectural elements.

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The cloud-works in my Nimbus series present a transitory moment of presence in a distinct location. They can be interpreted as a sign of loss or becoming, or just as a fragment from a classical painting. The space functions as a plinth for the work, raising the question of whether a sculpture could consist of just well-exposed air. By combining smoke, moisture, and backlighting, I create the clouds. I am interested in the ephemeral aspect of the work. The cloud is there for a brief moment and then it falls apart. These photographs  are well-prepared documents of performances without an audience.

Nimbus Probe, 2010 © Berndnaut Smilde
Nimbus Minerva © Berndnaut Smilde
Nimbus II © Berndnaut Smilde
Nimbus Cukurcuma 2 © Berndnaut Smilde
Nimbus D’Aspremont © Berndnaut Smilde
Sala © Berndnaut Smilde

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