Physicists Conduct a CyberSymposium
in Anticipation of Wheeler Event

Physicists from around the world have already initiated a prelude in cyberspace to the Science & Ultimate Reality symposium in honor of John Archibald Wheeler, to be held on March 15-18 in Princeton, New Jersey.

A lively listserv discussion is currently taking place at, moderated by physicist and author Paul Davies. Leading physicists are posting a wide range of material on the listserv from fond remembrances of John A. Wheeler by his esteemed friends and colleagues to trenchant commentary by physicists of each other's ideas.

In addition, summaries of the presentations to be given at the symposium are posted and are available with introductions by Paul Davies. Among the topics: the "participatory universe", a physicist's definition of life, the direction of time, the "self-observing universe", and candidates for the final unification of physical reality.

It is an exciting and rare opportunity to listen in as some of the world's leading physicists "talk shop" about time, the cosmos, and reality. And it is open to the media.

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Wheeler Listserv hosted by Paul Davies
Join conference speakers and others
in a pre-publication discussion of
the major conference themes.