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For registration questions or additional information, please contact the Metanexus conference staff at

Welcome to Metanexus’ 7th Annual conference at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia! We are pleased that you are joining us.

Below are travel, housing, and other relevant logistical information to help you plan your attendance.

This is the fifth annual gathering of the Metanexus Local Societies Initiative, now boasting 214 groups in 37 countries across the globe. Over 200 participants in this conference representing granted groups of the Local Societies Initiative will be in attendance.

Contact Us

Conference 2006
Metanexus Institute
3624 Market Street, Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA
Phone: 215.789.2200
Fax: 215.789.2222

Please submit abstracts, bios, and (if selected) completed papers
via email to .


Air Travel

If you are traveling to the Philadelphia area by air, the most convenient place to arrive is the Philadelphia International Airport (airport code PHL). Flights to New York and Newark airports are also convenient to Amtrak transportation into Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.


Shuttle Transportation

Shuttle service we recommend from Philadelphia International Airport is the Lady Liberty Airport Shuttle. Reservations are not necessary. Shuttle service cost is $ 8 each way. Travel time from Philadelphia International Airport to Center City and/or Penn's Campus is approximately 20 minutes. NO RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR TRIPS TO PHILADELPHIA FROM THE PHILADELPHIA AIRPORT.
Please note: Lady Liberty’s last shuttle is at 12:00 midnight, taxi or train are the only options after that time.

The following is the procedure at the airport:
Upon arrival at Philadelphia International Airport, proceed to the baggage claim area and collect your luggage.

  • Proceed to the Ground Transportation Counter courtesy phones near the luggage carousels.
  • Dial 27 on the courtesy phone  (this will reach Lady Liberty)
  • You will be instructed to proceed to Zone 7 (Shuttle pickup area) on the Arrival Side (back) of the baggage claim area.

Ask Lady Liberty Shuttle Service to take you to the Rodin (formerly Hamilton) College House on Locust Walk between Walnut and Locust Streets and 39th & 40th Streets to register for your accommodations and drop off your bags. You will then proceed, on foot, to Houston Hall at the end of Locust Walk between Walnut and Spruce Streets and 36th & 34th Streets, for registration to the conference.

If you are arriving before or after the scheduled registration times on Saturday, June 3, 2006:
Ask Lady Liberty Shuttle Service to take you to the Rodin (formerly Hamilton) College House on Locust Walk between Walnut and Locust Streets and 39th & 40th Streets to register for your accommodations. If you arrive during conference hours, proceed to Houston Hall at the end of Locust Walk between Walnut and Spruce Streets and 36th & 34th Streets for registration to the conference.

To arrange return to the airport, you can reach Lady Liberty by calling 215.724.8888, via fax at 215.724.7777, or by e-mail at

ALSO: The Penn Tower Hotel, located adjacent to the Penn Campus on 34th Street at Civic Center Boulevard, runs an airport shuttle that leaves from the baggage claim area every half hour. The ride is $8 (subject to change) and takes approximately twenty minutes.


Train Transportation from Airport

You can also take the R-1 train from the airport to 30th Street Station, for $3.00, and follow the directions below. The Airport Express Train leaves 9 minutes after every half hour, and will take you to either the University City Station on Convention Ave or to 30th Street Station. The ride takes 18 minutes to the University City Station.


Taxi Transportation from Airport

A metered taxicab costs about $20.00 and the ride takes approximately 20 minutes.


Train to Philadelphia

If you plan to travel by train, the closest destination is Amtrak to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. The campus is about 15 minutes walk from 30th Street. A metered cab from the station costs approximately $4.00 and the ride takes about 5 minutes. The SEPTA No. 30 bus runs from the station to campus. The fare is $2.00 (exact change is required). The ride takes 8 minutes and stops at Civic Center Boulevard & University Avenue. From 30th St Station, you may also take the R1, R2 or R3 railroad lines, the distance of one stop, to the University City Station (behind the Penn Tower Hotel). The campus can be reached from 30th Street Station by cab, on SEPTA's Green Line (to either 36th and Sansom Streets or 37th and Spruce Streets) or the Market-Frankford Line (to 34th and Market Streets), or by foot; 30th Street Station is a fifteen-minute walk from the heart of campus.

For more information using the R1, R2, R3 Rail Lines, the Subway/Surface Rail Lines, the Market/Frankford Rail Line or the LUCY Loop to get to the campus click here!


Greyhound Trailways Bus Terminal

The Bus Terminal is located at 11th & Filbert Streets in Center City, Philadelphia. Intercity bus service is provided by Greyhound and Trailways bus lines from the terminal at 1001 Filbert Street, behind The Gallery shopping center. The Penn campus can be reached from the bus station on SEPTA's Green Line (to either 36th and Sansom Streets or 37th and Spruce Streets) or Market-Frankford Line (to 34th and Market Streets).

Exit the terminal and walk 1 block south, to Market Street to board the Market/Frankford Rail Line, to 34th & Market Streets. The fare is $2.00 (exact change is required). Or... transfer from the Market/Frankford Line at 30th Street Station, to the Subway/Surface trolley (routes #11, #13, #34 or #36) and stop at 36th & Sansom Streets, or 37th & Spruce Streets. The fare is $2.00 (exact change is required) and the transfer is free. A metered cab costs about $12.00, including tip.


Directions by Car

The University of Pennsylvania campus is located in a region of West Philadelphia known as University City.

Map of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Map of Philadelphia region

Schuylkill Expressway (I-76) > Exit at 30th Street Station > Exit 345 (formerly exit 39)
Schuylkill Expressway (I-76) > Exit on South Street > Exit 346A (formerly exit 40)
Schuylkill Expressway (I-76) > Exit on University Avenue > Exit 346B (formerly exit 41)

From the Northeast
Take the New Jersey Turnpike to exit 4 for Route 73 North. Proceed on Route 73 North to I-295 South. From I-295 South, take exit 26 of I-76 West. Cross over to Philadelphia via the Walt Whitman Bridge. This section of I-76 is also called the Schuylkill Expressway. Take Exit 346A for South Street, and turn right onto South Street to enter campus. Note: Exit 346A is a LEFT LANE EXIT.

From West via the Northeast Extension Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-476)
Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension, South to the PA Turnpike, East-West Interchange. Remain on I-476 (The PA TP, northeast extension portion of I-476, terminates at the PA TP east-west interchange). Continue on I-476 South, approximately 3.6 miles to Exit 16A, I-76 East (Schuylkill Expressway). Take I-76 East approximately 12.6 miles to Exit 346A, South Street, which EXITS ON THE LEFT. Turn right onto South Street to enter the campus.

From the Northwest
Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Exit 326, Valley Forge Interchange. Take I-76 East (Schuylkill Expressway) approximately 17 miles to Exit 346A, South Street, which EXITS ON THE LEFT. Turn right onto South Street to enter the campus.

From the North
Take I-95 South to I-676 Westbound toward Center City. From I-676 exit in less than two miles taking "exit only" ramp towards the airport marked I-76 East. Proceed less than a mile to Exit 346A, South Street, which EXITS ON THE LEFT. Turn right onto South Street to enter the campus.

From the South:
Take I-95 North to Exit 15 signed "291 West to I-76". Follow 291 West across (Platt) Bridge to 26th Street, which leads directly onto I-76 West. Take I-76 West 3 miles to Exit 346A, South Street, which EXITS ON THE LEFT. Turn left onto South Street to enter the campus.



There are ten, public pay parking facilities around the campus.
Map of facilities

Metered pay parking is available on many city streets. Additional parking information and policy is available at the transportation services.

Free on the street parking is available along Spruce Street, 34th Street, and 33rd Street. A parking lot is located on South Street and Convention Avenue Lot #7 (next to the Hotel Penn Tower).


Check-in Registration

Check-in registration for the conference will take place on Saturday June 3 from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. at the Bistro in Houston Hall in the Perelman Quadrangle, at the end of Locust Walk between Walnut and Spruce Streets and 36th & 34th Streets. Those who are staying overnight on the campus should check-in first at the designated Rodin (formerly Hamilton) College House on Locust Walk between Walnut and Locust Streets and 39th & 40th Streets. Please try to arrive no later than 4:00 p.m., if possible. If you have any physical limitations requiring particular living arrangements, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Checkout time, for those staying on campus, will begin after breakfast on Wednesday, June 7th.

Please note that if you choose to arrive early or stay late, you may need to make your own arrangements for lodging (see alternate accommodations, below).



Attendees who choose the room & board option stay in apartment/suites in one of the Rodin (formerly Hamilton) College Houses on Locust Walk between Walnut and Locust Streets and 39th & 40th Streets on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Accommodations are made up of 2-4 single occupancy (private) bedrooms, each room with a separate entrance, shared living room, kitchenette, and shared bath. Each bedroom contains an extra-long (36"x80") twin bed, flat sheet, top sheet, blanket, one pillow with case, and 4 towels, desk, dresser, and wall mounted fixtures. You may want to bring hangers, toiletries, and an alarm clock with you. Bathrooms vary - some have showers, others shower/tub combos. Living rooms have seating for 4 to 6 people, table and chairs, wastebaskets, and floor lamps. Public facilities include a first floor lounge, laundries and an accessible roof top lounge. In all of the Rodin (formerly Hamilton) College Houses , safety is of the utmost importance. Security staff are stationed at entrances around the clock. House Managers, and a full complement of housekeeping and maintenance staff are available in case of an emergency. Visitors are welcome, but must be signed in by residents. Hamilton is close to Philly's bus, trolley and subway lines, the Fresh Grocer supermarket and premiere cinema, The Bridge.

Further information about accommodations can be found by visiting:
Facilities Services, Map & Buildings.

Alternate Accommodations
For those wishing for more privacy, the following facilities are within walking distance of the conference site and available for reservations:

36th & Chestnut Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104
215.349.6302 / 215.387.8000
Visit our website

3600 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
215.222.0200 / 1.800.809.7001
Visit our website

Civic Center Boulevard at 34th Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4385
FAX: 215.386.8306
Visit our website

*For significantly reduced rates!
Divine Tracy Hotel
20 South 36th Street,
Philadelphia, PA, 19104
Fax: 215.387.0157
Visit our website
* Religiously austere - please scroll down this page for policy, rules and regulations.

Bank Street Hostel
(about 40 blocks from campus)
32 S. Bank Street (between 2nd and 3rd), Philadelphia, PA
Visit our website

Bed & Breakfast Locators
Philadelphia Bed & Breakfast and Inns | Bed and Breakfast Finder


Recreational Amenities

The University of Pennsylvania and the surrounding area offers a wide variety of recreational and entertainment facilities. A full map of area restaurants and stores is available online at Shopping and Dinning on Penn Campus.

University Square : Food, Fashion, Fun, And more.

Map of Campus Art Galleries and Sculptures

Specific pieces and galleries can be found here Art & History @ Penn



All meals, from dinner on Saturday, June 3rd through breakfast on Wednesday, June 7th will be on the campus of U Penn. Breakfast will be available at the Class of 1920 Commons (known simply as “1920 Commons”), across from the conference accommodations at Rodin (formerly Hamilton) College House at 3800 Locust Walk, Street Level. All lunches will be available in Houston Hall. Dinner, on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will be served in 1920 Commons. On Tuesday June 6, the closing banquet will be held at the conference site in Houston Hall. The cafeteria and catering services at the University provide a diverse selection of cafeteria and buffet style meals with selections including fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetarian, vegan, or special diets. We make every effort to accommodate the needs of our conference guests. If you have particular needs please let us know!


Phone and E-mail

There are NO direct telephone lines into and from apartments; however, calls can be made from payphones throughout the campus. We recommend bringing a cell phone, telephone calling card, or credit card for outgoing long distance calls. Internet connections are provided at the conference site.


What to Bring

Pack casual business to everyday casual clothing and good walking shoes. The weather in the Philadelphia area in early-June can vary, from comfortable and pleasantly warm to quite cool. Daytime temperatures range broadly; from the 50s to mid-70s (9-23 C) and evenings in the 40-60 (4-15 C) degree range. Plan on cool-to-mild and even hot days, with perhaps a light jacket for evenings. Definitely bring a raincoat or umbrella in case of spring rains, which can be frequent. If staying on campus, you may also want to bring hangers, toiletries, and an alarm clock with you.

Current Weather


Book Store

As in the past, books written by conference presenters and other titles of relevance will be available for sale through a bookstore set up specifically for conference participants by Penn Book Center, with a physical location just a short walk for the conference site. In addition, the University of Pennsylvania Bookstore is located in Sansom Common at 3601 Walnut Street, just a short stroll from the conference site.



Get to know the city of Brotherly Love!

Official Website of Philadelphia City Government

City of Philadelphia Visitor’s Guide

Philadelphia and surrounding countryside

Philadelphia City Search

Religious Activities and Area Religious Communities

University of Pennsylvania
Campus Chaplain

From all of us at the Metanexus Institute, we warmly welcome you and thank you for participating in Continuity and Change: Perspectives on Science and Religion. Please contact us with any questions or specific needs that you may have. We look forward to seeing you!

Metanexus Conference 2006 Team
Metanexus Institute



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