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Conference 2009 Public Events

Join us at the 2009 Metanexus Conference in Tempe, AZ, for two public talks on Sunday and Monday nights, and a photographic exhibit, exploring the connection of cosmos, nature, and culture.

Talks and exhibit will be held at Tempe Mission Palms Hotel. Free to public. No registration required.

Sunday, July 19 – 6:45-8:15pm

Enhancing the Human Person through Technology: Peril or Promise?
Tempe Mission Palms Hotel / Palm Ballroom AD

Francis Fukuyama famously called the biotechnological movement known as 'transhumanism,' "the world’s most dangerous idea." It is difficult to imagine a more serious question than whether or not we should alter the fundamental makeup of the human person. But it is equally difficult to imagine the consequences of ignoring the profound threats to the continued existence of our species that the biotechnological revolution seeks to address. Can a middle way be forged between the traditions that ground us and the innovations that free us?

Featuring: Aubrey de Grey, Max More, Ted Peters, Barry Ritchie, Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, and Natasha Vita-More

Monday, July 20 – 6:45-8:15pm

The Search for Unity in the Midst of Diversity
Tempe Mission Palms Hotel / Palm Ballroom AD

The variety that we see in the world contributes to its aesthetic splendor and may well be a necessary condition for its existence. But diversity can also be a cause for distress, especially among humans. A more rewarding appraisal and appreciation of reality might be gained by regarding the world not as a seamless entity, nor by focusing always on the differences, but rather by seeing it as a colorful quilt woven together to create a wondrous whole. Transdiciplinarity is an intellectual, educational, and even spiritual, movement that seeks to explore the binding as well as the splintering features of the complex world of culture and nature.

Featuring: Varadaraja V. Raman

Tucson-based artist Stu Jenks will be exhibiting works from his Sacred Spaces and Circles, Hoops & Spirals series. Come out for the talks and visit this one of a kind photographic exhibition.

For more information about Conference 2009 public nights, contact us at or 484.592.0304.


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