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Science and religion is a growing and distinct body of literature. The Templeton Research Lectures seeks to add creative and original thought to this body of literature. It is therefore essential that projects engage the literature of the field, so as not to rehash topics already discussed, but there is no expectation that any one agree with what has already been published. Below are some links to bibliographies, as well as, course syllabi, which give references for important work in the field. The references are somewhat biased to Christian perspectives, in part because Christian intellectuals have been more active in exploring these ideas. Scholarly explorations of diverse religious traditions and perspectives are welcome.


Online and Resources and References

Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences--
Recommended books by level (Basic, Intermediate, Research)

Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences--
Selected Course Syllabi, by topic

Counterbalance Foundation--
Extensive Online Resources, including video, essays, glossaries, and bibliographies by topic

Science and Religion Bookstore--
over a thousand books offered including a "Books of Distinction" section

Metanexus Selected Authors Listing--
over 8,000 essays, book reviews, and commentaries by distinguished authors

Annotated Science/Faith Bibliography
From Keith B. Miller, Department of Geology, Kansas State University



Interdisciplinary studies present unique challenges. Below are also a list of publications that deal with the methods and challenges of interdisciplinary work.

Klein, Julie Thompson. 1990. Interdisciplinarity: History, Theory, and Practice. Detroit: Wayne State University.

———. 1996. Crossing Boundaries: Knowledge, Disciplinarities, and Interdisciplinarities. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia.

Kline, Stephen Jay. 1995. Conceptual Foundations for Multidisciplinary Thinking. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

Nicolescu, Basarab. 2002. Manifesto of Transdisciplinarity. Translated by K.-C. Voss. Edited by D. Appelbaum, SUNY Series in Western Esoteric Traditions. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.

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