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Request for Proposals: Overview

The Templeton Research Lectures is a three-year program, with the possibility of a fourth year extension, which provides $90,000 to $130,000 per year in funding for scholars who want to develop on-going, interdisciplinary programs within their universities consistent with the aim of this program. The vision is to create vibrant and long-term networks of scholars engaged in vigorous dialogue, careful research, and significant publication. These programs should set high standards for rigor, seriousness, and originality in seeking a constructive engagement of the scientific disciplines and the world religions and attendant theologies and philosophies. The grant offers an honorarium of $50,000 or more for an individual scholar selected each year of the program to give the annual Templeton Research Lectures at the host institution. This is an opportunity to bring a distinguished scholar from another institution for sustained interaction or possibly in specialized situations the elevation of an internal faculty to give the annual lectures. These lectures must result in a book length publication whose target audience is either the academic community or the educated layperson.

Applications for the grant should be submitted by an interdisciplinary committee of scholars employed by their host university and forming the core of a governing committee to oversee the program. One person should be identified as both the chair of the group and the contact person for the grant applicant. Two grants will be awarded in each year of the program on the basis of merit as evaluated by an independent panel of distinguished judges.

Application deadline is January 1, 2007. Two awards will be made each year for a total of eight awards. Applicants not chosen in any selection year may request that their application rollover and be reconsidered in future years.

The four key requirements of the grant are:

  1. The formation of an interdisciplinary research committee which meets regularly to pursue its research agenda and monitors its progress;

  2. A clear focus on interdisciplinary engagement and original research between the physical, biological and human sciences and the modes of inquiry and understandings typically associated with theology, religious studies, and philosophy;

  3. The appointment of an annual "Templeton Research Fellow" to give a series of public lectures resulting in the publication of a book consistent with the aim of this program (i.e., original research on the constructive engagement of science and religion);

  4. A mode of inquiry and engagement that exemplifies the spirit of a "humble approach" in the quest for understanding, that links the progress of scientific inquiry with efforts to advance metaphysical, theological, and philosophical concerns in a coherent, intellectually responsible manner.

The program provides considerable freedom for the interdisciplinary committee to engage in a wide range of scholarly activities as a group, and in topically focused public lectures planned and convened at the discretion of the governing committee. Funds should be allocated for this purpose, including the involvement of illustrious and engaging outside speakers. The interdisciplinary committee also has the duty of selecting and hosting the annual Templeton Research Lectures. Direct and indirect support of the annual Templeton Fellow should not be less than $50,000, as specified in the model budget provided and must result in the publication of a book-length manuscript evincing original and thought-provoking scholarship.

The Templeton Research Lectures provides resources to catalyze high quality, interdisciplinary scholarship on science and religion. It is hoped that these funds will help to leverage other resources, in order to develop lively communities of public discourse that will flourish and grow over the long term. These initiatives should generate models of excellence and innovative scholarship, which demonstrate the benefits of research on the constructive interface among the sciences, the world religions, and their attendant theologies and philosophies.

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