April 5-7, 2006
Spiritual Transformation Public Symposium
This symposium represents the first overall public presentation of the results of 22 rigorous investigations into the nature of the biological, psychosocial, and cultural conditions and factors that underlie spiritual transformations of individuals and groups. All of these projects are using today's cutting edge methodologies and sophisticated experimental designs to provide fresh insight into these phenomena under investigation. We anticipate that the many presentations from this unique symposium will help to create an innovative interdisciplinary field in the human sciences for the study of spiritual transformation.

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September 21, 2004
Announcing the Spiritual Transformation Prospectus
We have produced a 40-page prospectus on the Spiritual Transformation Scientific Research Program. This colorful and thoughtfully conceived booklet reports on the history and process of the program, including a discussion of the letter of intent stage, our October 2002 conference, summaries of each of the funded research projects, and outlines for future directions.

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December 6, 2003
Spiritual Transformation Research Community in the Media - Mario Beauregard
An excellent article on Mario Beauregard's spiritual transformation research has appeared in The Globe and Mail, the major national newspaper of Canada. "Only something extraordinary could entice the Carmelite nuns of Montreal to break their vow of silence and venture out of the cloister, ANNE McILROY says. They have joined forces with science to look for a concrete sign from God -- inside the human brain." Read more...

November 2, 2003
Spiritual Transformation Research Community in the Media - Mark Regnerus
How does religion influence the type of arguments you may have with your spouse? Can it affect life expectancy, or even students’ grades? World events have shown us that religion can have a profound impact on societies and that individuals’ religious beliefs can certainly influence their own actions. But to what extent does religion affect health, mental well-being and relationships with other people?Dr. Christopher Ellison and Dr. Mark Regnerus are just two of the faculty members in the Center for the Scientific Study of Religion (CSSR) looking at these questions. Read more...

[Photo of LSI Grantees: Click to Enlarge...]
Recipients of first grants for scientific studies on Spiritual Transformation held meetings with Metanexus president Dr. Solomon Katz and staff at "Works of Love" conference on campus of Villanova (PA) University, May 31-June 5, 2003.

June 2, 2003
Metanexus Institute in Philadelphia Announces 24 Recipients

Seeking to understand the phenomena of spiritual transformation and how it occurs — through both secular and religious experiences — distinguished researchers from many disciplines at leading educational institutions in the United States and other countries will soon be conducting the first multidisciplinary scientific investigations into this brand new field. Read more...

March 11, 2002
John Templeton Foundation Issues RFP to Examine Spiritual Phenomenon

What is a spiritual transformation? Can scientists swab samples into a test tube? Measure or weigh it? Do Hindus and Baptists have the same experience? Why does it happen in all religions, and outside religions, but not for everyone? Click for complete article.

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