The Spiritual Transformation Scientific Research Program is intended to promote new, better-integrated research into the nature of spiritual transformation and to develop a network of active investigators in this field. In this section, you will find a literature review of past scientific research on the nature of spiritual transformation. In addition, you will also find a list of references of pertinent articles and books that have been written on the subject matter. Where possible, the list of references features links to Amazon or PubMed with more information on the book or article. We will regularly update the references list to make it as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible.

The research conference on October 5-7, 2002 will generate papers and articles that will help to guide the methodological and substantive potential of scientific research into the nature of spiritual transformation. As a result of the research conference, we anticipate the creation of articles and white papers for the various avenues of research into this subject matter. In the future, we plan to include those papers and any other products of the research conference in this section of the Web site as well.