We are looking for the enthusiastic involvement of scientists and scholars from around the world who want to advance the cause of interdisciplinary research on the nature of spiritual transformation. Applicants from anthropology, sociology, psychology, psychiatry, pharmacology, neurology, biology, neuroscience, and religious studies are encouraged to apply. We also recommend, where possible, that researchers and religionists seek to collaborate on research under this announcement. We want to attract distinguished and emerging researchers who are experimenting with creative new methodologies and techniques for examining human expression and experience. Studies of diverse religious traditions and practices under the rubric of spiritual transformation are welcome.

The Principal Investigator of the Spiritual Transformation Scientific Research Program is
Solomon H. Katz, President of the Metanexus Institute on Religion and Science and Director of the Krogman Center for Research in Child Growth and Development at the University of Pennsylvania.

Collaborators in the study include David Hufford, Director of the Doctors Kienle Center for Humanistic Medicine at Penn State College of Medicine, and Byron Johnson, Director and Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Center for Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society at the University of Pennsylvania.

Advisory Board Members and Consultants include:

Edward F. Foulks, Tulane University
Philip Hefner, Zygon Center for Religion and Science
Joan D. Koss-Chioino, Arizona State University
Kenneth Pargament, Bowling Green State University
Lawrence E. Sullivan, Harvard University
Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University

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