No new proposals are being solicited at this time. However, we will make annoucements to our registered users of any future funding opportunities. Interested investigators should familiarize themselves with our application process since it will be used for all future funding opportunities.

Full Proposals: Detailed Application Instructions
For the 60 invited applicants only

Due Date for Completed Proposals: January 6, 2003

Updated February 7, 2004

The 60 prospective principal investigators who were selected to the research conference are expected to submit full proposals by January 6, 2003. Below are the detailed guidelines for the application process that closely parallel procedures used by NIH. These guidelines, as well as all necessary forms and instructions, are provided as RTF (rich text format) downloads. Download the RTF files to your computer and open the documents within Microsoft Word. This will allow you to electronically fill in the necessary information in the appropriate boxes. You can begin typing in the grey zone on the forms and it will automatically expand to fill the field as necessary. If you have any problems downloading or opening the documents, please contact [email protected]

We have made substantial updates to the requirements for the grant proposal that were initially posted to this site. In addition, we will have a continuously updated FAQs page specifically for the full proposal process. These FAQs will serve as a notice for any changes that may be made within the guidelines for grant application over the next month. Please read all of the accompanying material carefully and notify us of any questions or clarifications you may need and we will address these concerns in the FAQs page. Please note a change from the original page limit information provided on the Spiritual Transformation Web site. This has been changed to 25 pages to provide the applicant with ample space to include all relevant materials and to provide an opportunity for the principal investigator to use this to supplement and complement any future proposals to NIH or some other funding resources.

The criteria for the matching grants program are included in the matching grants guidelines. Applicants are requested to make their budget requests for the full amount of their project, as stated in the guidelines for the non-matching grants. In addition, applicants who are only applying for the matching grants program should include in the budget justification section any details of their preliminary plans or completed applications for seeking funds from other sources for the matching grant.

Download Full Application Instructions and Guidelines here (updated November 21, 2002)

Download Matching Grant Guidelines here (updated November 21, 2002)

Download Package of Required Forms here (updated November 22, 2002)

Download Glossary here (updated November 19, 2002)

Documents and Instructions required for the full proposal:

  1. Face Page signed by the principal investigator
  2. Abstract form for the proposed research project
  3. Research Grant Table of Contents
  4. Proposed budget (1st and 2nd year), with appropriate justification notes for all personnel and each category
  5. Biosketches of the principal investigator and any co-investigators, with a 4-page limit for each investigator. Extra Biosketch forms can be downloaded here.
  6. Resources form
  7. Detailed proposed research project, including an analysis of the project's risks and limitations (no more than 25 pages, single-spaced, 12-point font). Continuation pages can be found here.
  8. Checklist of submitted documents
  9. Other Support form (if applicable - sample page provided)
  10. Evidence of IRB approval or submission for approval for research involving human subject
  11. Evidence of tax-exempt status
  12. Letter from statistical consultant (if applicable)

One original and ten copies of all materials (including any appendices) must be submitted by mail. In addition, we are also asking, where possible, that all materials be submitted via email as well to [email protected] in Microsoft Word format. This would include the detailed proposed research project, as well as the forms, which can be filled in electronically.

The section on the use of human subjects is nearly identical to the federal regulations for NIH. However, in the section about protection against risk, we have included "spiritual" to the plans for insuring necessary intervention in the event of adverse effects to subjects. Please submit your IRB requests early, and in the event they have not been fully approved by the time of submission on January 6th, please provide a copy of the correspondence from your IRB committee about their status for impending review, including the date when that review will take place. In no case will we continue to review an application after February 18th without completed IRB approval.

The application must include a request for funds for the principal investigator or a co-investigator for two conferences in the Philadelphia area (Villanova) for project discussion. One conference is from May 31st, 2003 to June 5th 2003 and the other is in June 2004. The cost for each conference including room and board is $800.00 in addition to the costs of traveling to Philadelphia. Other investigators may also attend for the same cost but at least one of the group, preferably the principal investigator, must attend.

All proposals involving quantitative studies must also include a letter from a statistician who has agreed to approve the research design and methods of analysis of the data collected.

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