Spiritual Capital Research Program

Evaluation criteria

All proposals for both the invitation-only and open RFPs will be evaluated for merit based on the following criteria:

Significance: Does this study address an important problem? If successful, how will scientific knowledge be advanced? What will be the effect of this study on the concepts or methods that currently define the research on spiritual capital?

Approach and Methods: Are the conceptual framework, design, methods and analyses adequately developed and appropriate to the aims of the project? Does the applicant acknowledge potential problem areas and consider alternate tactics?

Innovation : Does the project employ novel concepts, approaches, or methods? Does the project challenge existing paradigms or develop new methodologies or approaches? Does the project include a strong focus on interdisciplinary work, particularly pairing economics with other disciplines such as anthropology, history, political science, psychology, religious studies, and sociology?

Investigators: Are the investigators well-suited to carry out this work, including demonstrating a genuine interest in the nature and significance of spiritual capital? Do the investigators have the ability to communicate the significance of research findings beyond the academy? Is there a commitment in the project to identifying, recruiting, and training young scholars?

A Competitive Bid: Do the detailed financials convey reasonable uses of funds and tight budgeting for the proposed scope of the project? Does the proposed project take advantage of unique features of the scientific environment or employ useful collaborative arrangements? Is there evidence of institutional support? Do you have resources available to leverage support for short- and long-term development?

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