Evaluation Criteria

All proposals will be evaluated for merit based on the following criteria:

Problem Solving Nature:

Does the project offer the promise of taking the field to a new level by resolving a bottleneck issue or overcoming typical problems found in previous studies? Or, does the project address a shortcoming that was identified in the state of the field analysis?

Methodological Innovation:

Does this proposal call for genuine and substantive innovation in research methods, techniques, or scope?

Project Director and Team:

Are the research team members and their leadership appropriately skilled and well suited to carry out this work? Is the research project proposed congruent with the experience level of PI?

Potential for Impact:

Will this research serve as a catalyst to open new avenues of exploration and understanding?

Pioneering Religious Perspective:

Does the project seek to advance religious and spiritual understanding rather than dismiss or reduce the role of religion and spirituality?

Resource Leverage:

Additional consideration will be given to research projects that meet the criteria mentioned above and are strategically situated within a much larger research agenda sponsored by another funding agency (such as NIH or NSF).

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