Letters of intent and full proposals will be accepted and judged in one of three topical areas:

Area 1: Religion, Spirituality, Healing and Health Outcomes

Recent research on the relationships between religion, spirituality and health suggests that an important connection exists between these fields. But many theoretical and empirical questions remain that need to be examined with unparalleled scientific and methodological rigor. We seek proposals that will significantly advance our scientific understanding of the link, if any, between religion, spirituality, healing and health outcomes.

Area 2: Religion, Spirituality and Human Flourishing

The focus of this area is research that scientifically explores how religion and spirituality contribute to the virtues and human strengths that reflect humanity's highest aspirations and noble qualities including, but not limited to: creativity, purpose, perseverance, gratitude, prayer, awe and wonder, personal responsibility, love, honesty, joy, humility, and generosity.

Area 3: Competitive Dynamics and Cultural Evolution of Religions and God Concepts

What are the mechanisms and cultural forces that shape religions and conceptualizations of God? This area seeks inquiries that approach religion and spirituality as an important creative or causal factor in the formation of society. Approaches relevant to this area include computer models and simulations, economic models, evolutionary psychology, game theory, rational choice theory, and other models for historical and cultural development.

The successful proposal will demonstrate, among other qualities, (1) the promise of taking these fields in new directions, (2) the possibility of addressing a question or shortcoming proposed in the field analyses, (3) methodological innovation, and (4) the potential for significant impact in the research community.